faithmouse catholic christian cartoons

The Golden Compass cartoons, courtesy of faithmouse.

Anti-Christian film The Golden Compass bombs at the box office

Faithmouse, Neverborn, The ACLU Ferret, and a bum compass.

The second book in Bill Pullan's His Dark Materials trilogy.

A most elegant black and white line drawing.

The care and removal of ferrets.

Anti-Catholic bigotry continues as major studio fare.

awesome armored CGI bears

The Awesome Armored Bears including Ian McKellen, Harry Reid, Linda Ronstadt, Frank Rich, Christopher Hitchens, Katy Couric, Ted Turner, Howard Dean, Kathy Griffin, Marilyn Manson, The John Edwards Bloggers, Bill Maher, Rosie O'Donnell, Steve Martin and Penn and Teller.

Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Kevin Bacon, John Hurt, Eric Bana, Sam Elliott, Ian McShane and Dakota Blue Richards

Popcorn not included. Exit to the right.

The atheist rebuttal to C.S. Lewis' successful The Chronicles of Naria movie adaptations.

C.S. Lewis it ain't.

"My books are about killing God"-quote by author Bill Pullman from 2003 interview.

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