A collection of painting of Susan Boyle, by Dan Lacey.

All of the paintings on this page have been auctioned on Ebay and are now in private collections.

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My most recent miniature oil portrait of British Idol Susan Boyle.
The Ebay auction for this painting ends on Friday, May 29th-

British Idol original artwork

British Idol Susan Boyle - Ebay Art Auction

My previous portrait of Susan- The Britian's Got Talent contestant smiles

Looking a bit cheeky for this portrait

A portrait of Susan looking a bit cheeky.

 Pebbles the cat art

Finally! A portrait of Susan Boyle's Pebbles The Cat.
Painted from a photo recently shown on Oprah.


Susan Boyle performing. One of my personal favorites.

American Idol and Britian's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell

A portrait of American Idol and Britian's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell. Why not!
This portrait was inspired by Simon's surprised expression when he first heard Susan Boyle sing.

Adam Lambert, so close!

An oil portrait of American Idol contestant Adam Lambert performing. Sorry, Adam!
Portrait by request of a fan on Ebay.

She's 'Got Talent'

Another portrait of the British Talent sensation.

The British American Idol

'British Idol' contestant 43212.

duet with cat

Another favorite, and no-that isn't Pebbles.
It took a while before the world got the chance to see Susan's cat. I wasn't too far off-

second portrait painting

One of my earlier paintings of the singing Welsch dynamo-

Scottish singer with a pancake on her head

My very first painting of Susan Boyle, with a pancake on her head.

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