Private Boudoir Nude Art Painting, by Dan Lacey

private boudoir nude art painting

Male Nude Undressing - Dan Lacey 2011

Personal painting completed in the privacy of your home. Sketches, studies, reference photos, camera, flash drive, portable printer, and any other materials used to assist in the creation of the paintings are yours to keep at the conclusion of the assignment. Signed legal contract available to insure complete privacy.

I would recommend a one week assignment in order to create the very best work. A room for sleeping and painting is necessary. The equivalent of seven large 24 by 30 inch paintings are guaranteed, along with a number of smaller works.

My personal nude paintings are realistic, impressionistic, sensuous. My aim is to convey a sense of life, personality, and uniqueness.

A coffee table book featuring a number of self nudes can be ordered on Lulu.

A gallery of many of my self nudes can be seen on Flickr.

My paintings are regularly featured in pop media. Here's a recent interview regarding my comedic social commentary paintings which appeared on The Huffington Post.

A one week assignment, which includes airfare and all materials is $10,000. Assignments outside the US have an additional charge for any airfare expenses incurred over $750.

I am a very respectful house guest who does not drink or smoke. My fee is payable in advance and is not refundable. However, I do guarantee a wealth of excellent work at an exceptional value, which you will treasure forever.

Please contact me privately for any additional information and to make arraignments.

Most sincerely,

faithmouse (at) yahoo [dot} com

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