Republican Presidential candidate John McCain as a Sesame Street muppet characer

Conservative Republican Presidential candidate John 'McMuppet' McCain.

I'm currently auctioning this item on Ebay with the following description-

A portrait of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain if he were a Sesame Street muppet. I call it 'John McMuppet.  Hopefully Senator McCain will come across this listing and commission me to paint his official Presidential portrait.

Measurements for this OSWOA (original small work of art) is 4 x 6 inches, painted in oil on a sheet of canvas and sealed. 

I'm a published and collected artist, with previous studios at both the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas and the Mall of America in Minnesota.  My full sized, religious themed paintings are offered at Catholic retail outlets all around the Twin Cities area and retail at $800, so this is both quite a bargain and a great means of owning a piece of original artwork at an affordable price.

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Happy bidding!


an oil painting of Elmo from Sesame Street as 'Van Elmo'

Van Elmo

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