and one special guest

gold pancake kitty

Gold Pancake Kitty

mature pancake kitty

Mature Pancake Kitty

syrup drip cat

Syrup Drip Kitty

orange tabby cat pancake

Orange TABBY cat pancake

Nicky grey neck  ruff pancake

Nicky Grey Neck Ruff Pancake

eye contact kitty

Eye Contact Kitty

fluffy kitty pancakes

Fluffy Kitty Pancakes

blue heart feline art

Bacon The Cat with pancake

Foofie Cat with pancakes

Foofie the Cat Always Scared Pancakes

pancake sky kitty

Mallow The Cat Pancake

Kitty Bliss Pancake

Marco Cat Pancake

Impressionist Art Kitty Pancake

Kitten Pancakes

Kattunge Pannkakor

striped tabby art

Happy Pancake Cat מאושר חתול פנקייק

MadchenThe Cat Triple Stack Pancakes

Fabric The Cat Pancake ( by commission)

Siberian Cat Pancake

Блины сибирские кошки(Siberian Pancake Cat)

Looking Up Pancake

Chairman Meow Pancake

Dead Mouse Siamese Pancake

green eyed gray kat pancake

Green Eyed Pfannkuchen Katze

black kitty

Black Cat Pancake

Vladimir Putin Eating A Pancake Off The Head Of A Dead Tiger Pancake

Middle East Confict Allusion Pancake

worried cat pancake

Gato Preocupado Pancake ( Worried Pancake Cat )

サマータイムグレー子猫パンケーキ (Summertime Gray Kitten Pancake)

blueberry kitty pancake

White Blueberry Cat Pancake

Staring Crepe Cat

Etoilante Chat Crepe ( Staring Cat Pancake )

dark cat pancake

Imaginary Cat Pancake

Chase The No Face Cat

Chase The No Face Cat Pancake

black white cat pancake

Sort of Grumpy Cat Pancake

Sleepy Black Cat Pancake

眠い黒猫はパンケーキ ( Sleepy Black Cat Pancake )

an orange cat pancake painting

Orange Garfield Cat Pancake

greta kitten pancake

Kitten Pancake

Basic Black Pancake Cat

基本的黑色薄煎饼猫 (Basic Black Cat Pancake)

siamese feline painting

Siamese Cat Pancake

heart pancake cat

Gatto Cuore Pancake

attitude cat pancake painting

Distinguished Cat Pancake

orange male

Flat Faced Cat Pancake

Sweet Pancake Kitty

Sweet Pancake Kitty


brown grey striped feline with flapjacks

Striped Brown Grey Feline With Flapjacks

Spooky Black Halloween Pancake Cat

Spooky Black HalloweenPancake Cat

Titled Kittykat

Titled Pancake Cat ( The Pancake NOt The Cat )

square butter

Big Buttercube Kittykat

suspicious pet

Suspicious Pancake Cat Art

blue eyed pet adopt

Blue Eyed Long Haired Pussy

Grey Siamese Cat

Grey Siamese Kat Painting

Coy Sideways Kitty

Coy Sideways Kitty


Renoir Pancake Kitty

Renoir Pancake Cat Artwork


and the special guest is ...






a pig in a blanket!


artwork courtesy of The Painter Of Pancakes