male nude art

A recent private commission.


A Gallery Of Male Nude Art, and Current Paintings For Sale / Updated 9-9-13

by Dan Lacey, The Painter of Pancakes

A number of recent nude paintings for sale. Unless otherwise noted, all are 8 by 10 inch acrylic paintings on sheets of canvas. They can be easily displayed in any photo ready frame; I recommend removing any glass and adding an additional sheet of backing cardboard to keep the artwork in place. All of these paintings are hand painted originals.

Most of the paintings utilize in part iridescent and metallic colors and are sealed with clear acrylic. I am the model for all of the paintings. You can view a number of my original reference photos in my Flickr photostream.

The paintings are sent flat in a hand crafted bend proof mailer.

If you would like to purchase any of these paintings, you can contact me at faithmouse(at)yahoo[.]com. They aren't very expensive. Shipping charges are at cost.

headless male nude

Headless Male Nude


nude cock cap chair

Male Nude With Cap & Chair

hand weight bodybuilder art

Green Ass Hand Weight


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Male Nude Cock Sofa

body coffee banana kitchen

Male Nude Coffee Banana

Bodybuilder Erection #1

nude artist arte peinture

Nude Artist Cap Easel

penis pleather

Male Nude Penis Pleather

man cola box naked art portrait butt

Male Nude With Cola Box


raw naked picture

Raw Artist Painting #2


erection squat

Erection Squat #1



A Gallery Of Some Of My Past Nudes

A detailed image of a previous painting, purchased by a private art collector online. You can view a larger version of any of the paintings by clicking on the images-

buy nude gay male art painting

This is a portrait of myself laying on my stomach in bed and searching for my cat Marco, who escapes. I painted this piece a few years ago.

male nude art undressing

A painting of a male nude sitting and undressing.

Some would consider this sort of painting to be abstract, but it is actually more impressionist. Most paintings are 8 by 10 or larger on canvas, in oil and or acrylic. I try to have expressive brushwork. I'm happy to paint commissions as well.

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male nude ass picture

The ass is painted very loosely, with rough brushstokes describing the light. Sometimes I paint with what could be considered a terrible brush, and at other times I try for much more definition, close to realism but not quite. Lately more of my paintings are more illustrative. This painting was from a pose on a divan in front of a window with the midday sun coming through.

frontal nude with penis cock balls etc

Similar technique but with a frontal nude. Most of my paintings aren't necessarily meant to be sexual, or sexy, but people do say they are sensuous, which I appreciate. Lately many are more straighforwardly erotic.

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ass butt male nude art

One in my continuing series of male nudes in the kitchen. You may have noticed the use of metallic gold on the back and ass in this painting; I incorporate other metallic and iridescent colors as well, such as copper, bronze, and silver. Mostly I paint in acrylic, but now and then I'll include some water based oils.

Gracias por ver mi arte desnudo masculino. Todas estas pinturas son de la artista.

naked men art affordable

Another painting in the coffee series, different approach.

crouching male nude with hands

A painting of myself crouching squatting with my hands in front of my crotch area. I like the skintones and the nipples and the blue shadows in this example.

Eine Galerie mit einigen meiner männlichen Akt Kunstfigur Gemälde. Ich verkaufe diese online und das schon seit einer Reihe von Jahren, das Modell ist der Künstler.

male nude chest torso muscle jeans

Continuing in the mini art gallery-more of a rougher technique in this image of a muscular figure undressing; the final overall look of a painting depends upon a variety of factors; how I feel that day, what sort of time I have in which to paint, the quality of the photo I'm working from ( I take all of my own reference photographs ) the brushes, the canvas, etc. I try not to be too 'perfect' in any one thing, since I like to be surprised by an unexpected positive result.

male nude gay muscle back picture

Another in the coffee series. The light is very good here in this part of the house during the day for photographs.

Een selectie van mijn mannelijke naakt kunst schilderijen, sommige zijn erotisch, sommige casual. Ik ben zowel de kunstenaar en het model, en zijn de verkoop van schilderijen online synthese voor een aantal jaren. Ik wonen in de staat Minnesota, Verenigde Staten.

Posed in bed tosing, and another created at the same time-

male lying on stomach, ass cheeks up

Fluid, I think/hope.

nude in shower

One of my shower series, which I return to now and then.


This next painting is brutal and a bit fauvist, but I think it works well because of the limited color palette-

nude bath shower mirror

I'm never certain what sort of painting I'll end up with once I start. The hardest thing to do is to recognize when to put down the brush and stop painting.

gold muscular nude men athlete

More refined. Not too unhappy with the back muscles. I don't work out at the gym but I do a number of exercises and chores to keep myself in good modeling shape.

Certains de mes peintures d'art sont plus érotique et sensuel que d'autres, en particulier ce qui pose sur l'écran tactile du pénis.

art model reclining torso with penis

A nice painting of a full frontal nude with a bolder, more erotic composition.

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gay homoerotic gay art painting

Two men, one model. A painting with more of a Gay fantasy homoerotic theme. A 'situational ' pose but hopefully not so much that it becomes artifice. I've preferred having a 'reason' for the nudity, but not so much lately.

male body easel crucifixtion

An artist impaled into an easel and therefore his own painting.

hairy torso crotch box

Another of my favorites, slight Christian allegory. Sort of a tortured, private torso. One purposeful distraction deferring to another.

nudist man in kitchen with coffee and madchen

In the kitchen again with furry cat Madchen and ever present coffee.

Fantastic Adventures erotic pose

A frontal cock pose, reading a Fantastic Adventures fantasy magazine from the 40's. This is a good example of one of my 2013 nudes.

Una piccola galleria dei miei maschi quadri d'arte di nudo, mostrando uomini nudi in varie pose. Io sono sia l'artista e il modello, e sono state offrendo tesi handmadepictures in vendita per un certo numero di anni.

nude artist at work in studio painting


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male nude art

Thanks so much for viewing my male nude art.

Dan Lacey

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