Art of Michael Jackson Gallery
An 'Art of Michael Jackson' Gallery, by Dan Lacey

I've painted around 70 or so MJ portraits. Here are a few of my favorites-

A Michael Jackson art gallery


Michael Jackson artwork

One of my favorite Michael Jackson art pieces.

'You Are Not Alone'

'You Are Not Alone'

Michael Jackson with an umbrella in the the rain

Portrait of MJ with umbrella.



MJ tear

MJ tear. One of a number of 'tear' portraits. Clicking any painting will display a larger image.

Looking posh

Tuxedoed and looking posh.



Michael Jackson Black and White

Black and White.

with Tupac Shakur

Michael and Tupac Shakur.

black background

Against a black background.

Mj tear closeup

Another 'tear.'

performing in concert

Performing, with hat.

on fire

'Michael Jackson On Fire'


with microphone

'Pop Art'


'Crying Eye 2'

a colorful sadness

Thanks to Gawker for posting my recent 'Michael Jackson Memorial Ticket' painting.

The King Of Pop

The King Of Pop.




Michael Jackson portrait paintings

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