A Mitt Romney Gallery d' Art

Regularly Updated

by Dan Lacey, The Painter of Pancakes


Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm

Hurricane Sandy - Frankenstorm painting

Mitt Romney: Days Of The Churning & The Blood Drenched Moon


Mitt Romney Money Clip Pancakes

Mitt Romney Money Clip Pancakes


Obama convention hurricane tampa unicorn

Tampa Convention Pancake Unicorn


Mitt Romney Game Of Thrones Nude


Mitt Romney Jimmy Fallon Beer Pong

Mitt Romney / Jimmy Fallon Beer Pong


Mitt Romney Nude Art

Mitt Romney Bankroll Nude Art Painting


Pancake Trouble

Mitt Romney Pancake Trouble


Underwear Desert Pancake

Mitt Romney Underwear Pancake


Romnesia stage three



Pancake Scissor Hold

Mitt Romney Pancake Scissor Hold


Binders Of Women

Binders Full Of Women


Mitt Romney Cabbage Patch Kid

Mitt Romney Cabbage Patch Kid


nice Mitt Romney portrait

Gorgeous Romney Portrait


Romney Rafalca Olympic Painting

Mitt Romney & Rafalca Olympics Painting


Rafalca Dancing Horse 2

Romney & Rafalca The Dancing Horse, Version 2


Mitt Romney Tall Pancake Stack


A Flock Of Romney

A Flock Of Romney


Caballero Romney

Caballero Romney


A Horses and Bayonets

Horses & Bayonets


Obama Clementine The Walking Dead Unicorn

Clementine / Obama - The Walking Dead Unicorn

vs A Romney Zombie


Obama Bullshitter Rolling Stone Romney Comment

Mitt Romney & Donald Trump - Bullshitter Painting


Mitt Romney as Aranea Serket

Mitt Romney As Aranea Serket


Forked Pancake Tongue

Mitt Romney / Forked Tongue Pancakes


Mitt Shaming

Mitt Shaming



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