The 2012 London Summer Olympics Great British Athlete continuing Nude Ebay Art exhibition

by Dan lacey not the BMX Dan lacey, but the other one


Phillips Idowu 2012 triple jumper nude naked summer London olympics

Phillips Idowu - Triple Jumper/ 100 meter corporate garbage food assimilation while freaky deaky


David Florence white water canoe slalom nude 2012 uk british olympics

David FLorence - Canoe Slalom / Wenlock and Mandeville white water Dodging


Tom Daley diver diving nude 2012 olympic UK athlete

Tom Daley - Diving / 10 meter platform Clothes Ripping freefall photoshoot


Alison Williamson nude naked archery 2012 London summer UK olympics

Alison Williamson - Archery/ Womens individual Madonna midlife incurve kevlar overstated underwear shoot


Luke Campbell boxing 2012 summer London UK olympics

Luke Campbell - Boxing/ special traffic lane rope-a-dope


Andy Murray Scottish tennis player 2012 nude naked olympics

Andy Murray - Tennis/ Angry Scottsman non-british identification mixed singles


Dan Lacey nude naked BMX 2012 Summer London Olympics

Dan Lacey, BMX / Orbit Tower Freestyle


Chris Hoy cyclist nude gold medals

Chris hoy - cycling/ previous gold medals in your bum crack appreciation racing


To be continued....


all of the paintings in this collection have been auctioned or are currently being auctioned on ebay.